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Water Softener & Water Sand Filter Plant

Water Softener 3000 LPH & 6000 LPH

Particle Exchange Softener is the single answer for all your hard water issues. Water conditioner is smooth a la mode and best in class of Ion Exchange Softener it make hard water moment to delicate water with the utilization of pitch synthetic. Its does not require the power. It's counteracts arrangement of scales. It's exceptionally valuable to mechanical application on the grounds that around 62% of India experiences more than 100 ppm of hardness in water because of overabundance magnesium and calcium salts.

Water Softener 3000 LPH & 6000 LPH


3000LPH Pure water solutions

6000LPH Pure water solutions

Vessel Size
13” x 54”
16” x 65”
Resin in Quantity(In liter)
100 L
175 L
17 Kg.
24 Kg.
Brain Tank Size
100 L
150 L
Max Flow
3000 LPH
6000 LPH
Max Working Pressure
3.5 Kg.
3.5 Kg.

Industrial Water Softener

Two basic applications for Industrial Water Softeners are kettle nourishes and cooling towers. Many plants utilize water conditioners for evaporator sustain, cooling towers, whole water supply and different sorts of process water. Cooling towers are another regular application for mechanical water conditioners. Cooling towers can work considerably more productively with relaxed water. This can understand a radical diminishment in upkeep, compound encourage amount, and the volume of water required for operation. We outline our modern water conditioner frameworks to meet your correct details. Accessible alternatives incorporate slip mounting, blast verification wiring and control boards, water or pneumatic impelled control valves, brackish water pumps, funneling in a few distinct materials, PLC control boards, and custom steel tank plans for most extreme life span.

Commercial Water Softener & Sand Filter

Unadulterated water arrangements water sand channel guarantees that the water going into your capacity tank is 100% immaculate and solid, giving you benefits like Hygienic Cooking, Bright Clothes, Faming shower, Glossy auto wash since water is a crucial piece of our day by day life and house hold assignments. The sand channel can deal with nourish water up to 5 NTU turbidity and the treated water from this scope of channels will have < 2 NTU.

A wide assortment of organizations, retail foundations and schools advantage from business water treatment arrangements:
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Apartments
• Hospitals
• Health Clubs
• Shopping Centers
• Office Buildings
• Car Washes